Automotive Industry

Suppliers in the automotive industry are facing a crucial moment as they must adapt to a rapidly changing global economy while simultaneously responding to new demands and challenges from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As the challenges mount, many are discovering three unfortunate facts:
  1.   Their aging legacy systems are simply not up to the task.
  2. Minor fixes and version upgrades can no longer mask their systems’ inadequacies.
  3. New systems from traditional ERP vendors are both expensive and difficult to adapt to the industry’s highly specialized requirements.
Al-Zarib has abundant experience in automobile supplier process which can help medium and small-size and suppliers quickly implement a set of integrated business application software at low cost and less complex customization. At Al-Zarib, we understand the enormous pressures facing suppliers to major automotive companies today, and are experienced at helping companies like yours know which technologies and business
processes will help you get ahead and stay ahead of your competition. We work with medium and large size automotive suppliers by combining powerful technology with expert services to provide our automotive supply clients with a foundation for business improvement and growth.