Steel Industry


Today’s Steel industry is marked by intense global competition, cyclical markets, changing demand patterns, and the commoditization of products. The fabricated metal & steel industry covers several distinct segments, including structural metals, forging and stamping, metal containers, hardware and springs, metal valves, and fasteners. These metal fabrication manufacturers face complex requirements that are intricately connected to the needs and demands of their customers. Steel Industries face complex requirements that are connected to the needs and demands of their customers. They have to make quality products to exact specifications, synchronize their production schedules with customer schedules, and deliver products according to consumption schedules

Al-Zarib has professionals with in-depth experience in the Steel industry to support the industry’s unique requirements. Al-Zarib has a complete understanding about business and operational management system with a core of production management capabilities designed specifically for companies that transform material through melting, casting, rolling, forging, drawing, extruding, blanking, leveling, and/or slitting to produce product.

Al_Zarib’s proven track record, provides integrated capabilities for improving business processes and enhancing visibility across virtually every aspect of the business, from customer order entry to scheduling, procurement, production, shipping, cost management, and finance.